#beyondayasofya : Şile

I needed to make a video for my final exam project. It must be a video regarding a historical place or attraction in Istanbul. At that very moment, I knew exactly where I wanted to go.



Boring *roll eyes*
Finding a place is not a problem at all but choosing is. Istanbul has a lot to offer, a lot to be learnt from. Ayasofya and other places are just too common, so I bet someone has already grabbed those famous places since I was told a few weeks after the first announcement (there was some class shift so some students including me found out late. This is another story). So I thought maybe I could try Chora Museum as it’s less known.

Being me who likes to do uncommon things, I remembered about a place in Istanbul facing the Black Sea where people go for a getaway and seafood hunting my Turkish Prep teacher told us in a class one day. I’ve always wanted to go there especially as I am quite a seafood monster, and when I searched for the picture of the place, it looked really nice, but time didn’t allow me. So I grabbed the chance to kill two birds with one stone.

I invited a few friends with me and finally after weeks of postponing and trying to get trip mates, we embarked on our short journey on a Saturday.

We took a bus from a bus stop not far from our dormitory. It was an IETT bus, or basically a public bus but since it’s a direct route where there is no stop except for picking up passengers along the way we have to pay around 5x the usual price. We didn’t know at first so when the ticket boy came to us and I asked how much it is for 3 persons, he said it was 28.50 TL I was really shocked I kept on repeating my question cos I thought I heard him wrong. But no, I didn’t, and I only had just enough money with me.

yeah that’s me speaking Malaysian cos my friends are Malaysians haha. Can you see how discomposed I was.

but thank god the guys next to us heard us and I guess he could guess that we are students here as we could speak turkish and he clarified to the ticket guy that we were students then we got student discount of 6TL per person.

The journey took us around half an hour. It really felt as if we were going out of Istanbul because it was really quiet and green and hilly as we entered the area, and it really looked like country-side. Maybe it really was country-side haha



When we almost reached there we were got excited as we could see the ocean and the famous castle already and we pretty much looked forward to arriving. Then we reached centre, and I was kinda stumped cos it looked as if the seaside was too far away because we couldn’t see it.


DSC_0112 (2)

So we had to utilise the Google Map and we almost got lost cos I read the map wrongly. So we just tried to walk our way up around the hilly neighbourhood. Then, I spotted something.


I was actually pointing to the lighthouse

Tips : familiarising with the landmarks helps when travelling to an unfamiliar place.

The lighthouse is one of the two main landmark attractions in Sile, the other being the castle. Upon seeing the lighthouse I was relieved because then we could get around easily, and we kinda ran towards the light(house) lol.


It looked far but actually it wasn’t. As we were walking we found a park-like area where we could see the seaview and masyaAllah it was so pretty my eyes almost turn into heart shapes.DSC_0198



Not taken from google.

The last time I did geography was during year 11 which was like 5 years ago so I’m not sure if I’m using the correct terms but basically we were on a cliff overlooking the Black Sea. We enjoyed the view for a while, took pictures and I started working on my video.

DSC_0155 (2)


Memorising my script.


impromptu make up artist 

The castle was from Byzantine era and then it got rebuilt again during the Ottoman era. Time did its work and the castle became worn down and only last year they made restoration hence it looks quite new. But I read in Wikipedia that people went ballistic over its resemblance with Spongebob.


OOOOO who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

To the right we could see the lighthouse and it looked quite far. After finishing we worked our way to the lighthouse. We walked and occasionally stole glances to the sea because it was just so awemazing it made my heart grow wings and fly and pop every 20 seconds.




Along the way we found stairs that seemed to be going down to the coastal line. I put my doubts behind and three of us descended and boy did we not regret our decision.







The walkway really stretched to the bottom but it looked quite dangerous to continue, so we enjoyed the view at the middle of the walkway and went back up to get to the lighthouse.And it wasn’t that far anyway! The inclination made it look like it was far but actually, we didn’t even run out of breath.


The lighthouse was also built during the Ottoman time. It’s the biggest lighthouse in Turkey and the 2nd biggest lighthouse in Europe.


Again with the script.

Then we walked back to the park and tried to figure out where to eat. Then we found another flight of stairs at the park that lead to the beach and walked down.


The weather that day was just fine. The sun was there but wasn’t really burning and cool spring wind was still blowing, so we weren’t freezing. Then there was the beach, and there was considerably not many people around and there was no one swimming. But we still had our minds intact so we didn’t jump straight into the water.



Shooting in progress


More picture taking, then we walked towards the port looking for seafood restaurant. We checked for recommendations on Trip Advisor and found this restaurant called Iskorpit and decided to have lunch there.

The food really was cheap! Considerably cheap than the usuals we have under the Galata Bridge. We ordered


Fish soup


Calamari ring



Butter prawn. yeap i know it doesn’t look like normal one we have but it was good and here it’s already half eaten


This one is called mezgit file or haddock


Dil tava or sole fish. It was so good!



Levrek, or sea bass



File_000 (1)

Just us being asian

The fish soup was really good I still can’t get over it. It was creamy and they put quite a generous amount of fish flesh in it. We spent around an hour at the restaurant then we decided to head back to reality.




but first singgah pasar dulu. not fish shopping anyway

But as we had to cross the beach again..

More pictures!


Big thanks to these two for the company




The whole trip took us merely 8 hours from and and back to our dorm. Definitely a recommendation if you are coming during late Spring-Summer when the day is longer and the weather is just nice.

Here’s a snippet of the final product of my video. I cut out the parts where I was explaining about the place as it was in Arabic

Background music : (The Days – Avicii)


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