In The Case of A Mukmin.



With every choice we make, there’s always consequences that we need to face, be it good or bad, and chances of screwing up is always present. On this road which has been promised to be thorny and bumpy, giving up is indeed the easiest decision to make. I mean, no sane human being would make a conscious choice to throw himself into the fire, right?

But in the case of a Mukmin, he knows that the fire is just an illusion, and beneath the illusion, something better is waiting. All the thorns and bumps on the path that he has chosen are nothing but what he has to go through to reach that better something at the end.

But human will always be human. We trip,  we get hurt, we break down, we screw up and sometimes, all we want to do is turn back, and take that easy road. Why bother troubling ourselves with all the pain we have to go through?

But in the case of a Mukmin, that road is the only road he can take to reach his Master in a happy state. He endures everything because all he wants is to meet his Lord with a calm heart, knowing that he will be rewarded with what has never been seen with the eyes, what has never been heard by the ears, and what has never crossed the heart.

However, there are always other elements that seem to be trying so hard to stop us from moving forward and ignoring all those things that pained us. The fear, the lost hope, the sadness, the failures and the whispers. They just keep on perturbing our mind, leaving no space for peace even for an inch.

But in the case of a Mukmin, he knows the whispers are merely trying to stop him from doing what’s right, and every single time he feels that rush of doubts flowing in, he brushes them off and said to himself,

“Not today. Not today.”


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