Never too late.

School has started last Monday, but to my amusement, it’s kinda a thing here to unofficially extend the holiday into another week, so we basically has not started our class yet because guess what, nobody came!

And it’s been 4 days!

Well some people did come but.. still. The study vibe is just not there when there are only 3 people in the class, plus or minus you. Only one person came yesterday, and after the first period we decided to just leave. And today I was the only one who came, and I guess the girls have talked to the teachers so there I was in the class waiting for the teacher, who apparently was not gonna come, to enter the class. One hour passed by and I gave up and returned to my dorm.

Phew! It’s been a while since the last time I ranted on my blog. But actually, the real reason why I’m writing this is because I finally have decided to take up hand-lettering as a hobby.

Well, I know it’s not really a big news, lol. But here’s my first attempt on hand-lettering.


I really love this quote of a senior of mine.

OBVIOUSLY it needs a lot of improvement since it was my first time taking it seriously. So it all started when I was just so done with revision two days ago (padahal nda jua batah banar haha)  and I thought, I need a new hobby. I was reminded of a friend of mine who’s taking Dentistry. She mentioned on her facebook about her lecturer who suggested them to find a hobby to channel all the pressure from work. Like, imagine having to face teeth every day. Things can be gritting (pun intended) if you have to do the same thing every day, so it’s good to do something to chill out once in a while (Disclaimer : This is not the exact thing she said.) Then I remember how I doodle a lot in my books, and I remember how I like nicely drawn quotes like this

I’ve thought about it before but I just didn’t have the determination to pursue it. And that night it came to me like an epiphany, so I searched on Youtube how to start doing hand-lettering. I looked up for tips and etc, and started practicing right away that night.


Tilt your head. haha

It’s kinda a big deal to me, because my life has changed since the past few years and when I look around, I realise that I’ve left many things that I used to love doing and there are so many things that I wanted to do but didn’t get the chance to do because some people told me not to. One of the life lessons that I’ve learnt from this is ALWAYS take everything you listen from people with a pinch of salt, and when they stop you from doing something, ask yourself is it really worth stopping because the person told you so. or if the person even deserves to stop you.

I used to love drawing, and I wanted to be an architect at one point in my life. I even wanted to take Art as my elective for Form One but my family didn’t let me. So I totally stopped drawing after Primary 6. I didn’t regret it though. I never, ever resented them for that because, I didn’t really mind and thinking again now, if I were to stay firm with my decision, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So actually there are goodness in listening to people sometimes. Don’t be too hard-headed, but don’t be too soft either.

I actually am more interested in colours, I guess. I still like drawing, but colours attract my interest more. Well I don’t know! But here I am trying to start a new hobby and actually be good at it. I realised how half-hearted I have been in many parts of my life, so this time, I’m challenging myself to take up the pencil and get it drawing. I know that if I started some times ago, I’d probably be good by now. But hey! It’s never too late, right?



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