Allahumma Inna Nas-aluka Lisaanan Rotiban Bidzikrik.

“What actually made Hassan Al-Banna compile the Ma’thurat?” I asked my friend one day.

“Nothing significant, he just compiled it. It just contains authentic dzikr” She said. How ignorant I was to not see the real significance of it.

I was introduced to Al-Ma’thurat by a friend. Al-Ma’thurat is actually a compilation of dzikr and prayer derived from the Qur’an and authentic hadith, compiled by Imam Hassan Al-Banna and recited in the morning and evening. It has a short version called Ma’thurat Sughra and a long version called Ma’thurat Kubra. I usually read the Ma’thurat Sughra only.

After getting a copy for myself I started reciting it every time I was on my way to school in the morning and back to home in the evening. I was in Upper Six at that time. But I couldn’t be consistent doing it every day, and there were times when I stopped for quite a long period of time before resuming and stopping again and again. One time when I started again I actually came to a point where I memorised almost the whole Ma’thurat Sughra, yet it was still a cycle of stopping and resuming.

The recurring failures to stay istiqamah eventually made me wonder why it was really hard for me to stay consistent. Until one day I decided to take some time and recite the Ma’thurat along with its meanings only then I realised that I’ve been understanding it wrong!


It’s not like I’ve never read the meanings before. I have, but knowing the meaning and understanding the meanings are two different things.

The real significance of Ma’thurat is not because it’s a compilation of dzikr to be recited twice a day, it’s actually the effect of reciting it on your relationship with Allah and being His true servant. It’s the outcome, not the thing itself.

We often forget because we are human after all. This is when all these reminders and prayers come in handy to keep us aware of not crossing the boundaries set for those who sincerely submit to Him.

May Allah make us among those who understand.


4 thoughts on “Allahumma Inna Nas-aluka Lisaanan Rotiban Bidzikrik.

  1. rayyanislam says:

    Assalamualaikum.. I love this entry:) Do you mind if I put a link to this page? I happened to have written a short story and mentioned the Wazifah Ma’thurat in it (link: I thought it’d be nice if anyone reading the story to be able to read this entry too – so they’ll get the gist of what the Wazifah Ma’thurat is.

    Let me know… ala kulli hal, looking forward to reading more

    Jzkkumullahu khairan


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