Bangkit | Beyond the story and short movie.


If you are one of my Facebook/Instagram friends, you might know that a short movie adaptation of my short story Bangkit has been released. If you haven’t watched it, here you go



Original piece :

   Penggera telefon bimbitnya berbunyi. Tangannya mencapai telefon pintar tersebut, dan matanya yang masih berat dibuka. “Eh, subuh kan habis!” teriaknya dalam hati dengan mulut yang terlopong. Hilang berterbangan segala rasa mengantuk yang membelenggu tadi. 15 minit kemudian dia selesai bersolat. Dia kembali ke katil, duduk bersimpuh, lalu dia mencapai naskhah Al-Quran serta tafsir berwarna biru kesayangannya yang diletakkan di atas meja kecil di tepi katilnya. Dia mula membaca.

    Dia cuma membaca satu mukasurat, lalu dia membaca tafsir ayat-ayat yang dibacanya tadi. Namun perasaannya kosong. Hatinya tidak mampu merasa getaran seperti yang dirasakannya seperti selalu ketika membaca ayat-ayat Allah. Kusut. Kosong. Serabut. Entah sudah berapa lama dia merasa begitu.

     Naskhah kecil itu kembali diletakkan di atas meja. Hawa yang dingin menambah daya tarikan kepada katil yang sedia empuk. Dia kembali berbaring lalu selimut tebal dan lembut ditarik menutup seluruh tubuhnya. Dia mengiring menghadap dinding. Dinding berwarna hijau itu direnungnya tanpa berkedip. Fikirannya menerawang.

     Tidak keterlaluan jika dikatakan dia sudah hilang arah dalam hidup. Semangat jihadnya yang berkobar dulu kini layu dan kaku. Dia tidak pasti di manakah dia tersilap langkah, namun apa yang pasti kini dia telah rebah. Dia mengeluh. Tangannya mencengkam selimut yang semakin membalut kemas badannya. Dia menangis tanpa air mata.

     Dia beralih posisi, dan di hadapan matanya Al-Quran birunya melambai-lambai. Dengan longlai, tangannya mencapai Al-Quran itu, dan sambil dia berbaring jarinya membuka lembaran demi lembaran dan akhirnya terhenti di Surah Al-Mudathir. Dia membaca dua ayat pertama.

      Dia bangkit, dan selimutnya dilipat kemas. Dia menghela nafas baru.


Bangkit is one of my works for The iRead iWrite project, whereby every week, participants were required to send their writings according to the set weekly theme. I only managed to send 3 out of 4 required piece of writing, two of them, including Bangkit are short stories and the other one is a non-fiction.

The idea of developing Bangkit into a short movie began around a month after my last summer break started. I felt like I needed to do something productive and I got the idea of turning one piece from my short stories collection (no I don’t have a lot, to be honest) into a short movie. So I discussed with a friend of mine who has a connection with on collaborating and Alhamdulillah, the suggestion was well-received and a short meeting was held to discuss about the movie adaptation. In roughly a month, it’s up on Vimeo for viewing. The movie adaptation is 90% work of Momentteller including the script.

Personal Thoughts

I found joy in writing fictions. Despite of not taking it seriously, whenever I got to write stories (mostly during exams and to practice for exam) I always got carried away. A seed of idea grew wildly as soon as my pen touched the paper and my hand would move fluently until the last quarter of exam hour. Unfortunately I was, at that time, oblivious to the impact a writing could have to its reader. I didn’t realise that the emotion game played by a composition could be very strong. But unfortunately, the love I had for writing wasn’t nurtured as it deserved to be, and I admit that was my fault.

I slowly left writing due to some reasons (a few can be found here at no.1) and after regaining myself again (and a laptop) I decided to start blogging again, which was my main medium to share my writing and I also decided to join the national story-writing competition and after winning the first place, I started to remember the compliments – that I took as mere compliments, I received from my teachers for my writings and I realised that I could make good use of this talent to spread goodness. After a long period of ignorance I came back to my senses. I finally found the reason to live in this dunya. I found Allah. I found out that Allah is not just a god for the Muslims. Allah is the only God and there are no god other than Him. I finally knew that my purpose to live in this world is to serve Him.  As His servant I realised that it is my responsibility to spread His words in whatever way I could, and writing is what I’m capable of.

Back to Bangkit.

It was actually spontaneous. As the deadline for submission was nearing, I couldn’t think of anything to write. Coincidentally, I was at one of my lowest points when things weren’t just feeling right and all I could think of was cuddling in my bed and spend the whole day sleeping. But at the same time I knew that I had a huge responsibility on my shoulders that I couldn’t put down whenever I please.

I needed a motivation.

I needed a hard slap on my face with a chair.

And who could slap you better than His words?

No one.

So I started looking for something in Quran.

Thus, Bangkit was penned, in the hope that it could slap me and everyone who is in need of one. In the hope to remind myself first and foremost and  those in need of reminder that our difficulty in clinging to the rope of Allah is not a reason to stop striving. I really hope that this humble authorship of mine benefits everyone who comes across it, whoever you are, from whichever walk of life you come from.

Thank you to those who encouraged me to keep going.

May Allah grant us goodness.



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