According to your potential.

Assalamu’alaikum wrt wbt.

I can’t really remember when exactly i started writing (which does not include facebook statuses), but it was around the time when blogging was like one of the craze at that time, probably when I was 13 or so. Around that time too I started to create quite highly imaginative stories, inspired by stories I came across. Time ticked, and I developed. my old blog has been deleted due to inactivity and nonsensical contents but mostly the latter. I started fresh with this new page, with the hope that it can benefit anyone.

New things, however, come with new challenges. Have i talked about insecurity and lack of confidence? One thing about realising what you have become is sometimes we are too afraid of the expectations and reactions we might get from our surrounding. I don’t know to what extent is this true but it is I think kind of so me. So many things have been kept to vanish and some even have been kept unsolved. Actually, the only expectation we can’t meet is our own expectation of ourselves. It’s either because we put a mental barrier between ourselves and our expectations or our expectation is just too high and in the end we feel sorry for ourselves. Guess what? We don’t have to. We don’t have to be sorry for things we cant do. We don’t have to be sorry for not being able to go straight to beyond our limit.

We do have our own limits. but we can expand it if we are willing to. Potential is like a space confined by brick walls. You can walk within it but you can’t pass through the wall without having to break it, but of course you need rebuild the wall again in case you tore it down to clear the mess. Hence, utilise whatever is available within that space. You will be able to create more and in the meantime too you will naturally expand the boundary and adds more space according to your necessity. No rush, and no worry, because that space is yours. No one else can walk in it as fabulously as you do.


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