Rebuilding a new (and better!) self.

Assalamu’alaikum wrt wbt,


I believe each and every one of us have encountered that one particular point in our life where everything seems so wrong for no reason. it just feels…wrong. and your heart feels empty. and you feel lonely. and you start to turn to something else to fill the holes, yet the chaotic silence in you is still haunting. and you swayed far from your inner peace. and at another point you realised how far you have gone. Guilt.

Be grateful when that feeling kicks in. Your heart is still alive.

That first breath you take after waking up every morning comes with millions of reasons to be grateful. You are still alive. You still have a chance to watch the beauty of His creations. You might have time to finish the assignment due today. But most importantly, you have the chance to make everything better than they were yesterday, including yourself.

Stop dwelling in the past. Cry first if you need to, but move on as fast as you can.

When you have that feeling, it’s definitely a guidance from Allah. Hold it tightly and don’t let it go, because the next time might never come, and (referring to the coming new year) you might not live to the next year. Take whatever you have now, and utilise them wisely.

As a normal human being I understand that it’s hard, but make even a slightest effort is much much better than nothing. Never let the turtle speed stop you.

Have faith, have determination.


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