Who are we to judge?


Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

so everyone’s heard of the death of the 6 youths caused by drug overdose during the FMFA(?)

social networks have been buzzing with criticisms and comments.
people sighing and shaking their heads upon hearing the news.

i know it’s inevitable to have that (yknow what i mean) thought. I personally have crossed that situation as well.


clear everything in your mind

and ask yourself.

who am i to deny that Allah is The Most Merciful?

Husnuzon. what you see may not be the real picture. i mean, c’mon. i believe almost everyone got deceived by Jasmine Johari, including Awani and me. what has been reported by the medias are mere facts. dont quickly judge anything based on what you’ve been told. yes, we have our own perceptions, but again, husnuzon. brush off that negative thoughts.

you never know if they got to repent that very final second before Izrail took their lives.

and once Allah have accepted their repentance everything in the sin account will be cleared out. EVERYTHING. which technically means they are just as pure as babies.

and compare that with us, who are soooo busy being judgmental and whatnot. well…

just stop being so judgmental. keep on making du’a for them, keep on making du’a for ourselves and our loved ones, for du’a is the weapon of the Believers.

leave the judging to Allah. dont be too consumed by your point of view.


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