Death – the ultimate resting time


so in my previous entry i have stated that i am currently on a long leave, and it has got longer since the results came out last month, and alhamdulillah i am eligible to continue my study  to uni level.

and that extra time to waste? HAHAHAHAHAHA

i’ve been busy.

which is a great thing, because i just simply have no time to waste.
well actually i do, but not as much as i have expected.

im all occupied by activities, especially our new club, which has become a quarter of me. The endless meetings, discussions, this that yada yada, and all gone the imaginations of me chilling in my room goyang kaki watching aku ada wali and giggling my heart out. honestly i have never been this productive my whole life, which.. alhamdulillah, is another achievement.

my body clock however is kinda messed up now. my free time is almost always occupied with hours of nap and excessive eating and constant weariness. i couldnt help looking forward to the break we have planned, and as usual, some kind of epiphany hit me.

i remember how once a friend of mine told me how her grandmother complained on how tired she was with the endless chores. “sudah mati kali baru buleh berehat?” she said. the answer to the supposedly theoretical question, however,is ironically YES. this world isnt a resting place. we are constantly being tested by Al- Khaliq both consciously and unconsciously, be it with hardship or ease. Allah tests us with hardship to see if we will turn to him to seek for His help, and He tests us with ease to see if we will thank Him for granting us ease, and it wont stop unless we’re dead. well, life is a constant battle right?

The life after death is directly proportional to how we did in the world. think you will gain the highest Jannah just like that? the real success is attaining Jannah, and the sweetness of success can only be felt after tiring yourself with selfless efforts. tired of life? tiring life? thats normal. dont give up just yet. even the Burj Khalifa didnt finish in just one day. work hard for the afterlife, there’s a reason why Allah has provided us with a massively long list of ibadah. gather as much good deeds as you can, so you can rest peacefully in your grave later in life.

may the odds be ever in our favour. xx


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