A talk on the time


AAAAAAaaand it’s 2014! time flies so fast when you use it wisely, but it flies faster when you waste it lol. New year comes again Alhamdulillah. All praise goes to Allah who has given us opportunity to continue living on His earth.

im pretty sure im gonna have a hard time writing down the number 2014 on anything that needs a date, because my 2013 is virtually extended since im on a long leave. result will be out in about a month and i will be away from formal education for (HOPEFULLY!!) 6-8 months or so, sooo yeah. extra time to waste. NOT!

i believe this doesnt happen to me alone. looking back at the past years, i wish i hadnt wasted so much time on useless things or activities, because i  have realised now that i have been missing some, if not most, of the crucial parts of my life. i sometimes ask myself what have i done with my life in averagely 3 intonations, and although it gives several answers depending on the tone, numerically it’s either negative or just a bit more than 0. and it’s not about me alone, but everybody else. why be bothered you might ask. but, why not? right?

believe it or not even our tiniest action may trigger reactions in some ways from people. at the age of 17, what have i done to people around me so far? im still searching for the answer actually, or better yet, im making the answer. 17 years, almost half of it spent/wasted on unnecessary things, and only at 16-17 do i realise that many things have slipped through my fingers. fortunately im not too late.

we are never too young to contribute to our communities, my dearest friends. we arent gonna live forever, and death is just right behind you. you can never promise that you will still be alive tomorrow. try your best to not waste even a jiffy of time granted by Allah to you. dont wait until you are “old enough” or worse  -dead. dont be another burden on someone else’s shoulder, even your parents.


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