‘insomnia’ post


the clock has just entered 12, and here i am composing an entry with my phone 😴
its not that im not tired, i am. so tired in fact. too tired to sleep. it happens right? 😂 well maybe this is partly because of the sound of a crying dog not far from my house.
and at time like this when you are just alone in your room you feel…alone. and the past innocently kicks in. it can be embarrassing, funny, neutral or the worst of all -haunting.
chin up ya akhi wa ukhti. self-reflection is the best way to deal with the haunting images of the past. remember that your past builds who you are today. remember that Allah is with the patient.

jaga hati, jaga iman.

this is one of the most effective phrase for me. jaga hati, cos hati affects you in all ways.

jaga iman. dont regret your past, because thats just like violating one of the rukun iman, having faith in qadha and qadar. Nauzubillah
i wish you all a good sleep 😊

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