life is a constant battle


the phrase has been keeping me on my feet lately as things seem to be falling into the wrong places.
when life gives you lemon(s), sometimes you cant just simply make lemonade. its just not that simple. demanding for chocolate is plain ungrateful, unless you do it nicely and politely.

life is a constant battle. you have to fight and sacrifice to make things right. even for a little bit, because every tiny, minute detail matters. i’ve learned that in order to cope with it you must know the nature. but sometimes its just overwhelming that ending your life seems to be the only solution. well actually it isnt. broaden up your mind and see the limitless horizon.

life is not easy if you are not willing to make it easy. again, life is a constant battle.

keep fighting. be strong.
you are not the only one in this world who is battling to live up to whatever the thingamajigg is.
whenever things are not going to their desired ways put your hand on your chest and say to yourself,this is life, and life is a constant battle.


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